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 P-02X/D-02X  [ 受注生產 ]


New Supremacy Transcending Tradition

Esoteric's digital players carry on an established lineage of high-end audio,
compressing world-leading Grandioso technology into a two-chassis configuration that establishes an unshakable identity.
In 1987, the P-1/D-1 demonstrated the superiority of VRDS at the dawn of the CD revolution.
In 2001, the P-70/D-70 proved the concept that higher sound quality can be extracted from more refined CD formats.
In 2005, the P-03/D-03 introduced support for SACD and DSD DAC, giving vibrant life to the most atmospheric nuances of music.
In 2011, the P-02/D-02 generated a fusion of tradition and innovation,
winning acclaim and numerous awards for the pair's rich musical expression.
Now, the P-02X/D-02X reestablishes the supremacy of the two-chassis digital player configuration.
Joining together ultimate engineering with the exacting craftsmanship of
Esoteric's Tokyo factory, and incorporating the finest Grandioso P1/D1 technology, this new premium product line gives birth to even greater heights of musical expression.



In the Footsteps of Esoteric's Most Advanced Grandioso Technology


Both the P-02X and D-02X have been newly equipped with Esoteric's state-of-the-art ES-LINK4, which provides high-accuracy digital transmission of both DSD and ultra-wideband 352.8kHz/48-bit PCM by way of its HDMI cable connections. A core feature of the Grandioso P1/D1 digital source system, and developed in line with Esoteric's ‘Pure D/A’ concept, ES-LINK4 performs the major portion of digital signal processing on the transmission side to significantly reduce the processing load on the D/A converter in pursuit of the ultimate in sound quality.

The Expressive Power of 36-Bit D/A Processing

Like the Grandioso D1, the D-02X utilizes a 36-bit D/A processing algorithm to convert the PCM signal to analog. This 36-bit encoding provides an astounding level of digital resolution that is fully 4,096 times that of 24-bit encoding, and double that of the 35-bit model on which it is based. Taking advantage of the delicate tone realized by this high-bit data minimizes calculation errors for outstanding expression of even the most subtle musical signals.

New Dimensions in Isolated Clock Technology

Widely considered to be the core of any high-end digital player, the clock circuit provides a high-accuracy reference signal for digital circuitry. The clock circuits featured in the P-02X and D-02X are completely isolated from all other circuits, including power source and ground, enabling a pure clock signal to be supplied to the system. The clock's voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) was specially developed for Esoteric's Grandioso line in a joint effort with Nihon Dempa Kogyo (NDK), one of the world's premier manufacturers of crystal oscillators, for a high-precision custom clock worthy of the world's finest audio equipment. Its extremely low levels of phase noise combine with a large-scale crystal element to ensure exceptional sound reproduction quality.

High-Accuracy Clock Synchronization

A BNC cable connects the D-02X to the P-02X to provide a master clock sync signal for synchronized playback with minimized jitter. Esoteric's proprietary Direct Master Clock LINK* synchronizes the two units while eliminating the need for Phase-Locked Loop (PLL), enabling clear and accurate stereo imaging and crisp sound quality. The system can be further upgraded with the addition of an optional high-accuracy G-01 Rubidium Master Clock Generator, and supports a wide range of frequencies including master clocks (22MHz/10MHz) and word clocks (44.1kHz/88.2kHz/176.4kHz).

*DMCL (Direct Master Clock LINK)
DMCL links the D-02X to the P-02X with a 22.5792MHz reference clock signal that causes the two units to function as a single integrated device. Compared to normal ‘sync’ systems, which generally require PLL (Phase Lock Loop) processing of the transmitted clock signal, DMCL provides simpler and more direct clocking between multiple devices.




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